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Recurring Cleanings

Recurring Cleaning Services North Bergen, NJ It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to wonder whether hiring the services of a professional cleaning company is worth the money spent. They feel that these services can be unduly expensive and can strain their monthly household budget.

Sometimes, they think that the cleaning crew from a company would not be able to do as thorough a job as they would. It's how they end up tackling many cleaning and maintenance tasks themselves. Unfortunately, most house cleaning tasks are recurring, especially in homes with kids and/or pets. It leaves people with very little time to enjoy their weekends and holidays.

Commercial property owners face a similar challenge. Though many offices and other commercial settings have housekeeping staff, the personnel do not have the tools, specialized cleaning products, and training needed to tackle these jobs expertly. The reputation of an office or establishment depends on how clients, customers, and even the staff perceive the business. If your premises look unclean and poorly maintained, it can harm the perception people have about you.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Packages

The best way to have your cake and eat it too is to hire the services of a local house cleaning company like us at Andy’s Quality Cleaning. We offer custom, recurring cleaning services to commercial and residential clients. We are committed to providing our clients in North Bergen and the surrounding areas with the best recurring cleaning services.

Our team completes every job safely, systematically, and to your 100% satisfaction. We know that since every premise is different, clients will also have very particular cleaning requirements. And we are more than happy to help plan and design house or office cleaning contracts that are both practical and cost-effective.

When you opt for a plan, our professional cleaning crew will come in at a recurring schedule as per your requirement to clean your premises. This regular cleaning goes a long way in keeping all areas of your house, office, or any other commercial setting clean at all times.

Range of Cleaning Services

We can also handle deep cleaning when you need an even more thorough job done. We use high-grade commercial cleaning products in all our work. These environmentally-friendly products are effective yet gentle and not harmful to humans, like store-bought products can be. As mentioned, we can help you design cleaning packages based on your needs. As part of the cleaning contracts, we can:

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust pictures, shelves & baseboards
  • Vacuum carpets and furnishing
  • Clean tile and grout
  • Clean countertops
  • Remove rugs & clean floors
  • Clean, dry & shine mirrors, tile, and chrome
  • Sweep & mop floors
  • Shine kitchen & bathroom fittings
  • Wipe & disinfect telephones & doorknobs
  • Clean air vents
  • Damp-wipe walls
  • Damp-wipe window and door frames
  • Wipe cabinets & workstations
  • Clean and vacuum reception a reason commercial premises
  • Empty trash
  • Clean staircases
  • Clean toilets with disinfectant
  • Clean windows, tracks, sills, and frames
  • Scrub & disinfect floors
  • Clean fans & lighting fixtures
  • Other

For any more information on our recurring cleaning services at Andy’s Quality Cleaning, feel free to call us at 347-264-4589. You can also send us queries through this Online Form and one of our experts will contact you soon.

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