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Your Reminder to Clean Up

Your Reminder to Clean Up

The holidays can do a number on your home! Between house guests, holiday feasts, and kids on school breaks, your house probably need some tender loving care. Try these tips to clean up and start New Year off on a clean foot.

A lot of cleanup can be done the day after, but start with the things that should be done as soon as possible. Make sure any excess food is stored properly. If it needs to be chilled or heated and has been left out at room temperature for too long, it’s better to toss it and be safe.

Give your house’s surfaces a nice, deep clean. Wash all your linens. Vacuum carpets, floors, and baseboards to give yourself a fresh start. Clean out your refrigerator - eat the last of those yummy leftovers and then clean and store your leftover containers.

Then look around for any spills or stains of fabrics, because often the sooner you clean those up, the more chance you will have at a full recovery. Armed with carpet or upholstery cleaner, make sure you dab instead of scrub to help lift stains up and off the surface and always make sure to follow the product instructions. Then clean up any spills on other surfaces like tables and counter tops, before they become sticky.

When you get a chance, the next step is to go around and begin clearing trash. Bring a trash bag with you so you can throw things out as needed and start gathering any bottles or cans for recycling. As you clean up, bring dishes, cups and utensils to the sink.

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