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Preparing for a Super Bowl Party

Preparing for a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is coming up fast. Football statistics and innocent workplace pools suddenly have become hot topics, and lots of people — no matter how much they care about the sport — are looking for a fun party where they can watch the big game.

You may have considered hosting a Super Bowl party, but the thought of it not going well (and embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, family, and maybe even co-workers) gives you pause…. and nervous sweats. But you know I’m here to help! If you use my tips, getting ready to host a Super Bowl party will be a breeze!

First Things First

For any party, and especially one where your guests may be only acquaintances, you’ll want to establish ground rules before they get to your home.

Make sure the space in which you put the guests’ winter coats is clean and empty enough to hold them. If it’s been precipitating, put a mat on the bottom of the space where you put the coats and near the door to catch dripping water.

At some point, nature will call for your guests. It’ll be your job to make sure the bathroom is clean when they answer. You don’t want your bathroom to be a hotspot for germs. Clean the entire toilet and sink.

Clean Where the Focus Will Be

Declutter the entire viewing area. You want nothing, especially your clutter, to take your guests’ attention from your television screen. Move some of your furniture around to give your guests enough space to celebrate. Your guests shouldn’t feel cramped in your home. If you’re worried about the dents your furniture will leave on your carpeted floor, you can unflatten them by leaving an ice cube to melt on them overnight.

Remember, your guests are there to watch the Super Bowl. If your TV screen is dirty, they will complain. Get rid of the smudges and dust on it. Wipe it down using a microfiber cloth and a little white vinegar solution. The cloth will cut down on static shock, and the vinegar solution will prevent further streaks.

Don’t forget about the other parts of your TV system! Vacuum your TV’s speakers. There’s no point in going to a Super Bowl party where you can barely hear the action of the game. Getting rid of the dust, inside and outside of the speakers, will help your guests hear the TV better. Also, disinfect your remote with a lightly moistened disinfecting wipe. Many hands will touch your remote, and disinfecting it before your guests arrive will reduce the spread of germs.

A Super Bowl party wouldn’t be a party without the food. It still shouldn’t take your guests away from the game, so put the food station near the viewing area (bear this in mind when you’re moving furniture in the viewing area) and don’t plan a sit-down dinner. Make sure the food you prepare is easy to hold, like sandwiches or chili.

In the game's excitement, sandwiches can fall, dip can spill, and chips can go flying across the room. Food spills happen; they’re inevitable, no matter how much precaution you take. To get rid of stains before they set, keep a quick clean-up kit in the viewing area. Your kit should have a small broom/brush and dustpan, paper towels, dishwashing liquid for grease stains, and table salt to soak up liquid that can leave permanent stains. Covering the carpeted floors in the viewing area with plastic or cheap rugs is an option, too.

Place a trash (and maybe recycling) bin in the viewing area. Your guests will carry their food into the viewing area during the game, but they will NOT want to carry their garage away from the action.

Super Bowl Sunday is not a huge decorating day like Christmas or Halloween, so you don’t have to decorate for your party that much. If you decide to decorate, don’t overcrowd the TV. You will want to line your food station with plastic for easier cleanup.

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party for the love of the game, commercials, or food, you’ll want your home to give guests a sense of warmth and camaraderie. We at Andy’s Quality Cleaning realize your guests will only feel that way about a clean home. We can clean your home, so you can focus on your guests and the game without worrying. Contact us today!

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