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It’s Not Too Late to Clean Your Windows for Autumn

It’s Not Too Late to Clean Your Windows for Autumn

Imagine it’s early spring and you’re doing your annual deep cleaning routine. You glance over at your windows. They’re a little spotty, but that won’t hurt anybody. You decide there’s no harm in cleaning them a little later. The weather gets nicer, so you spend more time away from the areas you’re cleaning…

It’s almost autumn, and people are getting back to their work/academic lives. But oh no! You forgot to clean the windows, and you’re too busy to do them now! Here’s the good news: you don’t have to hang your head in shame while people laugh and whisper about your dirty windows. Right now is a good time to clean your windows, despite what you’ve been taught.

Let’s do a quick rewind. Many people think cleaning windows isn’t important, but it’s a big deal. Clean windows look good, which not only boosts a space’s aesthetic but also trust and value — especially important for businesses. Over two-thirds of shoppers in a survey said they won’t enter a shop based on its exterior appearance, and windows play a huge role in that decision.

Windows exist so you can let natural light into your spaces while keeping all the dust and contaminants from outside; you keep them clean to make sure that is still possible. Also, the grime from outside builds up on window surfaces and will weaken them. Cleaning windows will get rid of the contaminants that linger on the surfaces and it will help them last longer.

People usually clean their windows in the springtime. The reason for that goes beyond convention; the weather here is mild in the springtime, which is perfect for cleaning windows. Your window cleaner will evaporate if it’s too hot; and you’ll have to contend with drying window cleaner, frost, and cracking glass if the weather’s too cool.

Fortunately, window cleaning is more about temperature than the season. The optimal temperature for cleaning windows is between 64 and 79 degrees. The September weather, especially early in the mornings, is still in that range.

Extreme weather dries out window cleaners. The dried-out chemicals in standard window cleaners stick to the glass and cause window streaks. We at Andy’s Quality Cleaning use a vinegar solution — white distilled vinegar and water. It’s all-natural, so we don’t get all the streaking. The solution is as effective as other commercial cleaners, and its odor isn’t harmful.

What’s that? You can’t find time to clean your windows? We understand. The weather is cooling down, and your life is getting busier. It’s an inevitability of life. Surely, though, you can find time to call us. Andy’s Quality Cleaning will make your windows streak-free and squeaky clean, so you can experience autumn without having to worry about the windows. Get in touch with us today!

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