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How To Remove Old Stains From Carpet 1

This is Only Part One!

Apparently, at least 70% of people have moved a piece of furniture to cover a carpet stain. It seems like a quick fix until you rearrange your furniture and rediscover that old forgotten stain again. Even unstained carpet harbors dust, dirt, and bacteria that routine vacuuming can’t completely remove. You might think your only option is to rip out the carpet and install hard flooring. Trust us, we know!

Luckily, you can restore your carpet with the right products and technique. In most cases, the products you need, you already have.

Today, I am here to help you with spot cleaning. This will help you get rid of that spot once and for all.

You might think an older carpet stain would be easier to clean than an old one, but the opposite is actually true. Set-in stains are harder to clean in the laundry (regular clothes) and the same is true for carpets.

The trick is to rehydrate the original stain. Once you rehydrate the old stain, you can clean it as though it just happened.

For any stain, whether it’s new or old, there are some dos and don’ts that always apply.
You should never scrub a carpet stain. This can actually make the stain travel deeper into the carpet fibers and stain the pad. Instead, use a cloth to blot the stain.

Next, always use a white cloth or towel to clean carpet. Depending on the treatment you’re using, it could make the dye from the towel transfer to the carpet. This would be devastating.

Always work from the outside in. Whether you’re treating the stain or just using water, working from the outside in can make the stain larger. That’s why it’s important to clean inwards when you’re dealing with a carpet stain.

You should also test the cleaning treatment on an out-of-sight part of the carpet before you start cleaning. If it bleaches the carpet or reacts poorly, no one will see the spot. This gives you a chance to try a different product if any sort of adverse reaction occurs.

There are several methods to cleaning the carpet. This is not the point of this article. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will tell you what to use and how to use it!

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