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How to Deal With Tile Grout

Learning how to clean grout takes strategy. But with a little time, some household cleaners and minimal scrubbing, you can revive your tile.

There’s nothing worse than spending an entire Saturday cleaning your home top to bottom, only to find that the tiled areas aren’t crisp and spotless. Porous grout lines are magnets for dirt, grime and stains, so if you want every corner of your house to shine, you’ll need to learn how to clean grout.

The best way to clean grout is to start with a mild cleaning product. This is because using bleach (or other harsh chemicals) to clean grout can reduce its longevity. While harsher cleaners may be necessary in some cases, it’s always best to start with something mild and work your way up. The strength of the cleaning product and number of times the steps need to be repeated to fully remove the discoloration will vary based on how solidly the stain has set.

To clean the grout, start off by spraying it with the disinfectant of your choice until it is visibly wet, allowing it to penetrate the soil and stain before wiping it away with a clean cloth or paper towel. It’s important to note that the success of this method will depend on the severity of the problem.

As with all methods of cleaning, remember that it’s always easier to keep on top of an ongoing concern, like baseboards or grout stains. We follow the ‘little-and-often’ rule by spraying and wiping down the surface frequently—about once a week, or when the first spot of mildew appears—in order to “keep the need for serious elbow grease to a minimum.”

But, in any case, just call us and we will do it for you!

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