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How to Choose: Us

How to Choose: Us

When hiring a housekeeper for the first time, look for someone who has experience and seems open to direction and feedback. Because the cleaner will be in your home, it's important to choose someone reliable and trustworthy. (Andy’s Quality Cleaners are very reliable and trustworthy.)

Your house cleaner will have access to your personal space and be near your family, so ensure they are trustworthy and responsible. Ask if the cleaning company does background checks on their employees and if the service maintains liability insurance. (Well, Andy’s Quality Cleaning does). Go over details about liabilities such as damaged items or an on-site injury, and get the agreement in writing (Andy’s Quality Cleaning puts agreements in writing.)

Once you've decided on a cleaning service, outline the details of your arrangement. Decide how often they'll come, what services or hours will be included, and a price. Include what rooms, floors, and items will be cleaned. Discuss any specifics about your home, such as keepsake dishes to dust or new flooring that needs to be handled in a certain way. Take a walk through your home and note any details you want to relay to your cleaner. (Andy’s Quality Cleaner also knows what should be done and can consult with you)

There are tons of company’s to choose from, it is totally up to you on which you decide. (But you should choose Andy’s Quality Cleaning!)

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