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How Can a Clean Workplace Affect Your Business?

How Can a Clean Workplace Affect Your Business?

What would you say it takes to run a successful business? You may say ‘business savvy’ or ‘drive’, or maybe even ‘experience’...but would you say ‘a clean workplace’? That sounds like a stretch; many people overlook business cleanliness, but it is just as important for a successful business as being savvy. In fact, having a clean business can make it flourish!

We’re taught not to judge a book by its cover in many facets of our lives, but in business and consumerism, we do the opposite. With where we spend our money, first impressions are everything. A survey found that 52% of consumers would avoid a business with a dirty storefront. Also, nine out of ten consumers in a 2017 survey said they would have a negative opinion of a store with dirty public spaces (like bathrooms and dressing rooms), and 92% considered cleanliness of a business the main factor in deciding whether they would continue patronizing it.

Why won’t consumers give dirty businesses their patronage? Well, consumers associate a business’ cleanliness with how a business values them. Your business is how you display the quality of your work to the rest of the world. A dirty business signifies that you don’t value your work or the person who consumes it. Few people sign up to give their hard-earned money to a business that doesn’t value them.

For staff, working in a dirty business feels...icky. Like consumers, being in a dirty business can make them feel undervalued. Cleaning your business encourages your staff, as individuals and as a team, because they feel like they are working towards something people care about. This attracts consumers and increases productivity.

A lot of the mistrust people feel in a dirty business is from a lack of sanitation, not just a negative presentation. Scores of people enter a business daily. If every person who comes into your business tracks in some contaminants, and you allow those contaminants to build up, you could present a public health hazard. People rarely want to risk their safety for a business, no matter how knowledgeable it is. A cleaning routine gives people a feeling of safety and avoids hazardous health situations.

Cleaning an entire workplace is a tremendous job — not only in significance, but also in size. It calls for bigger tools than you would normally use to clean smaller spaces. At Andy’s Quality Cleaning, we have the proper tools to keep your business clean and we know how to use them! While you are busy running a business, we can clean your workplace with the quality and attention it should be given. Contact us today, and let us help you on the path to success!

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