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Glass As Furniture?

Glass As Furniture?

I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not kidding. No, I’m not suggesting you should go out and buy a glass bed or a glass sofa or anything like that. Don’t do that; that’s dangerous. Though the fragility of glass and its ability to show even the slightest amount of dirt are major deterrents from buying glass furniture, the pros of having glass furniture outweigh its cons.

Glass makes you think of glass breaking and all the bad things that can happen because of it. Glass furniture isn’t designed to break. It still can (it’s glass, after all), but the type of glass we use for bottles isn’t the same glass used for furniture. Tempered glass is used in furniture-making, which can be anywhere between four and five times the thickness of regular glass. If it breaks, it doesn’t break in jagged shards. It breaks into tiny glass pellets because of the heating and cooling processes of the tempered glass. Glass furniture is created with fail-safes in mind; it is built to last.

Glass furniture has been a statement for centuries. The wealthy have been having glass furniture made for them since about the late 18th century, because they were the ones who could afford it. Glass furniture became commercially used in the late 19th century, but even now glass furniture can lend an air of luxury and sophistication to a space. Glass furniture adds a touch of class to any space—home, work, or otherwise—and that’s why it is an evergreen trend.

Another perk of glass furniture is its transparency. Glass’ transparency creates the illusion of a spacious area. It allows you to see a space as visually uncluttered, where an opaque piece of furniture may visually clutter that same space. Glass furniture can make a small space feel more open than opaque furniture.

Glass furniture isn’t just made for durability, but also for easy maintenance. Glass has the downside of showing smudges and things more easily, but all you need to clean glass furniture is some glass cleaner (homemade or otherwise) and a cloth. Whereas cleaning other types of furniture can lead to that furniture wearing down or looking weathered over time, you don’t really need to worry about that with glass furniture. Routine cleaning will keep glass furniture looking new for a long time.

We at Andy’s Quality Cleaning realize routine glass cleaning is not a possibility for everyone. Routines consume your time, and time isn’t something you always have. We will create a routine for you, so you can have time to do other things while keeping your furniture sparkling. It’s a win-win situation! It only takes a few minutes to request a quote on our website. Let’s keep your house looking pristine together!

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