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Get Ready: Christmas Part 3

Get Ready: Christmas Part 3

Although the holiday season is meant to be joyful and full of cheer, it's hard not to worry about all the messes that occur while hosting family and friends for Christmas celebrations. To lessen the stress, make yourself a holiday cleaning plan in the days leading up to your guests' arrival.

Eliminate day-of holiday cleaning chaos by dividing your tasks into doable segments, taken day by day. These holiday cleaning tips will help you prioritize chores to achieve a tidier home well before guests arrive. Preparing for the holiday celebration is one thing, but being able to quickly tackle any messes that happen throughout the day is another.

The key is to start early. Plan to kick off your housekeeping tasks several days in advance, 2 weeks should be plenty of time. By accomplishing a few major tasks each day, all that will be left is a bit of last-minute shine when the big day arrives.

To kick off your holiday cleaning, walk through your home with a visitor's eye. Make notes of any imperfections you might be used to but guests might notice, such as houseplants with dead leaves. Next, make a plan for turning cleaning for the holidays into a group effort. Gather family members, go over the plan, and assign chores. Remember: many hands make light work.

Whether it's a spilled drink or cookie crumbles, accidents do happen. Sometimes they just came be stopped. Kids running around, family getting a little too joyful, pets running about, be prepared for spills during the holidays. Expect them to happen and don’t get upset if they do. Your guests will love the effort you put in to have them enjoy this holiday season in your household.

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