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Decorating Your Small Space for the Holidays

Decorating Your Small Space for the Holidays

We show our creativity and how much we’ve embraced the holiday spirit when we decorate our homes and things. But what happens when you want to decorate your apartment or tiny house, or even your work office, and you don’t have space for a lot of decorations?

Well, the answer isn’t ‘hide yourself in shame for the entire holiday season.’The good thing about decorating a small space is that you won’t need to pull out all the stops to make a grand statement. So, take that old box of decorations (or grab your cash card), and use these tips to decorate your small space today!

Work Small

Too many decorations in your space will make it feel hectic and cramped. Be minimalistic with your holiday décor for a more spacious feel.

Work within your entire space. It’s perfectly fine to place your decorations on your walls, shelves, or even on your ceiling — as long as they’re not in a place to cause anyone harm. Hang your stockings on shelves and windowsills, and put your garland on railings or desks.

When you’re decorating your small space, think of quality and not quantity. You may think you’d feel merrier if you had more things to decorate, but you’ll feel just as sentimental if you use meaningful decorations. Hang those ornaments your child made in grade school, or put your old holiday cards on display. This season is about reminiscing and creating wonderful memories with your loved ones, so why not boost that nostalgia with your décor?

Use Color and Light to Your Advantage

Did you know that the colors you use in your décor can affect how you perceive an area?

Lighter colors help a room feel cozier and more spacious because they absorb more natural light than darker colors. When you’re decorating your space for the holidays, opt for neutral lighter tones (e.g., white, cream, or pale yellow). Use light metallic colors like gold or silver in your color scheme. Light reflects off of metallic colors, and that’ll give your space more visual depth. A dash of color will keep your color scheme from being aesthetically boring.

Since light helps your space look bigger and comfier, make sure enough light gets into your space. The holiday season is the perfect reason to have lots of light sources around you, so light your small space up! DON’T set it on fire (I still want you to be safe), but you can decorate your shelves and windowsills with lanterns and candles. Place strings of light on your walls and large decorative objects. If you’re using wax candles, keep your safety in mind.

Some Ideas for Your Tree…

Don’t squeeze that gargantuan tree into your space!

There’s some good news here: you aren’t beholden to a gigantic tree. Even in your small space, you have options for a tree (other than having it bent up in the corner).

You can always put a miniature tree in your space to save room. Decorate one or two of the trees you already have in your small outside area, if you’re able. You don’t have to confine your tree to the floor; put the tree (and a tree skirt) onto your surfaces, like your bookshelves or end tables. You can even go the ‘disassembled’ route, and place mason jars with decorated pine tree branches on multiple surfaces. Placing decorated pine branches directly on your walls (horizontally, to save space) will work, too.

Another idea is to skip a physical tree and get creative with your wall space. Place a tree-shaped decal on your wall, or you can stick decorations (or even wrapping paper) to it. Use your garland to make a tree shape on the wall. This’ll allow you to show your festiveness, save space, and avoid big-tree maintenance.

At Andy’s Quality Cleaning, we believe your space should be a source of your pride and a display of your gratitude. We don’t want to take away from your creativity, but we’ll be glad to assist you. We’ll clean and organize your space, so you won’t be decorating in vain. Even the smallest spaces can hold a ton of love within them; contact us today, and we’ll make sure your holiday décor reflects that love!

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