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Cleaning Overlooked Areas In Your Space Before the End of the Year

Cleaning Overlooked Areas In Your Space Before the End of the Year

2022 is in a little over 2 months! This year went by so fast, hasn’t it?

In the almost ten months this year, you’ve collected memories, had some experiences, and gone on journeys. Your space collected some things, too: dirt and clutter.

People sometimes collect things. You can easily be overwhelmed by them. It's okay.

You’ve done your best throughout the year to keep your space spotless. Life gets in the way, though, and you just forget to clean certain small things. Rather than wait for your annual spring deep cleaning to clean what you couldn’t, do those small tasks now (while you still remember — and not on December 31, when it will be a big to-do).

Out With the Old, In With the New

You have a junk receptacle. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, most of us have one. It may be a drawer, a storage bin, or something else. It’s filled with random trinkets and unidentifiable (but possibly useful) things you’ve picked up. Organizing the receptacle may slip your mind because you hardly use what you keep in it, but let this be your reminder to clean it out!

The junk in your receptacle just sits there when you put more junk in it, so the stuff piles up and takes up your space. You’ll need that space for 2022’s junk, so get rid of 2021’s junk if you won’t need it in the immediate future.

Also, keep your receptacle organized. You shouldn’t have to dig through mounds of condiment packets and old receipts to get to the bag of replacement screws you need. That may mean getting a separator for a drawer or a storage bin with compartments.

Clean Your Furniture

You’ll use some furniture (like your chairs/sofas, light fixtures, and even drawers) multiple times a day. When you use those pieces of furniture, you pass your dirt and contaminants onto them. Grime and outside contaminants can build up quickly on those pieces of furniture, so imagine what those things are holding now *shudder*.

Don’t forget to clean that furniture thoroughly. Clean your chairs and drawers on the outside and the inside. They can trap dirt and other nastiness inside, and the dirt inside of them will eventually come to the surface. Cleaning the outside while ignoring the dirt on the inside is okay if you want your space to look clean, but just know that it won’t really be clean.

Keep Your Air Quality Pristine in the Coming Year

Another thing that often goes overlooked during cleaning is air quality maintenance, because...well, you can’t see air! The air quality in your space is tremendously important. Air from the outside is full of contaminants, and it comes in through your windows and doors. You can’t avoid that, but you need to keep the air in your space contaminant-free, for your own safety and that of everyone around you.

You don’t have to crawl through vents or anything, but make sure the air quality is good and it’s circulating well in your space. Clean the blades of your fan and dust your vents so neither of those things circulate dust or grime.

Clean Things That Made Contact With Outside Air

This might seem a little extreme, but you have to clean your space with abundance of caution. The outside contaminants that come in through the windows and doors may settle on the things nearest to them. Clean the blinds, windowsills, walls, curtains — even the curtain holders — to get rid of those contaminants.

Your 2022 should be filled with prosperity, peace, and love. It shouldn’t be filled with clutter and grime from 2021. We at Andy’s Quality Cleaning don’t want you to worry about your space being untidy; we’ll clean it up for you. It all starts when you reach out to us. Let’s get started today!

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